Aleksandar Tasevski, product designer with 14 years of professional experience, maker of micro side-projects and hobbyist programmer.


Had this idea for a long time and finally started working on it. It's a plugin that provides copy examples for all kind of design projects. Fingers crossed it should be released at some point in August.

I have built a Remove Background plugin for Adobe XD on top of's AI as a weekend project. Read here how it started.

Remove Background

Old website served well during my freelancing time 2013-2018. Finally goes to history, forever moved to /2016 (last time I've updated it). I've created this simple website from scratch (not using Wordpress or any frameworks) that serves a purpose to communicate what I am currently doing.

Mighty Alex portfolio 2016

I bought domain. Wanted to get the shortest domain available, which still makes sense. "El Img", "The Image"? :) Plan is to use it for a new plugin for Adobe XD. Not that much for marketing or landing page purpose, but rather for short shareable URLs.

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