Design portfolio

The portfolio is a selection of my recent product design work. All included samples are deliverables for real-world projects. It showcases my design style, a summary of the challenge, and how I've approached it to achieve the goal.


Panther – Payroll Platform for Remote Teams

Challenge Reduce user drop-off from the funnel starting with user signup and ending with signing a contract.

Approach Identify all friction points and implement a new flow, designed to be as simple and frictionless as possible. This included one-click signup, input fields pre-filled with default data, and guides for those who might not understand the interface immediately. Remove email verification and the requirement for secondary company details, asking for them later instead.

Result By improving the user experience throughout the funnel we were able to increase the total number of signed contracts by over 20% in 30 days after implementation.

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H4 – Legal Contract Drafting and Collaboration

Challenge Build a collaboration layer for a legal contract drafting platform that incorporates version control, branching, requests for changes, approvals, comments, etc.

Approach Mimic IRL collaboration utilizing the digital advantages. Visualize and make an interactive lifecycle of legal contract development with multiple involved parties.

Result The final product was unlike any other competitor. We nailed the UI and ended with a user-friendly platform for lawyers with complex workflows.

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Toki Chat

Toki Chat – Collaboration Tool for Design Teams

Challenge Pick a category and pitch a creative solution proposal to Adobe XD's commissioned plugin ideas.

Approach Build a communication tool for design teams organized on a document, person, group, and project level.

Result The solution proposal won in the "Chat" category. It was approved a grant funding and built and delivered as a plugin.

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Full case studies are available upon request.