Aleksandar Tasevski - Product Designer with over a decade of startup experience. Maker of micro side-projects and plugins for design tools.


I just did an interview with Prototypr where I share my journey of building AI plugins for Figma and Adobe Express. We talked about the ups, downs, and where this industry is headed.

AI-Powered Design Plugins: From Figma to Adobe Express

Developing the Figarc plugin for Zlatko Najdenovski was a fantastic experience. This collaboration adds to my client work, and I'm available for new opportunities to develop custom plugins.

Figarc - Design floor plans in Figma

I’ve started a short-term consultancy with Grammarly, focusing on both design and development. Excited for this new challenge!

Thrilled to introduce Design Buddy, a new AI-powered Figma plugin for design review. It offers insightful feedback and objective scores on UI elements like layout, color, typography, and accessibility. Perfect for refining designs to perfection!

Design Buddy - Catch every design flaw, before it’s too late.

I took a significant step forward with the UI Faces project by shifting focus to AI-generated avatars, moving away from aggregating third-party content.

Free, AI-generated avatars for your creative projects

I've decided to dedicate most of my time to working on one of the ideas I've had for a while. It's called Bento Dashboard.

Bento Dashboard - Your team's go-to dashboard

It's a privilege to be part of the initial set of partners and create my first Adobe Express add-on Media Grab, which simplifies the process of locating and downloading images from any website.

Media Grab add-on for Adobe Express

Mighty Tools is proud to sponsor the Adobe MAX 2022 Creativity Conference, taking place on October 18th to 20th, 2022.

Adobe MAX 2022

I am happy to announce that I have joined Panther Global, Inc as a Senior Product Designer. Panther is a SaaS platform that incorporates international payroll, compliance, contracts, benefits, and more for remote teams.


UI Copy has been released. Two months ago, it was an idea, and now it's a powerful copywriting plugin that suggests content like a champion. Visit to download it, and feel free to contact me for a discount code.

UI Copy

Toki Chat, a plugin for Adobe XD that me and Stojan created was released today. This is one of the most complex and feature-rich plugins we have built to date. You can download it from the official marketplace.

Toki Chat

My old website served me well during my freelancing years from 2013 to 2018. It has now been retired and moved to an archive. I built this new website from scratch, not using any pre-made templates or frameworks.

Mighty Alex portfolio 2016

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