I'm a product designer with more than a decade of experience. I have a track record of building successful digital projects from the ground up, as well as improving existing ones. I can help you conceptualize, design, and engineer a project to completion.

Mighty Alex

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My main strengths are product discovery, user research, customer journey mapping, defining personas and pain points, information architecture, data-driven design, prototyping, user interface design, interaction design, and usability testing.

Listed below is my career and different fields of experience. Standard CV in a PDF format, is available upon request.

Panther – Payroll Platform for Remote Teams

Part of the Product team and the sole designer at a small startup that is building a platform for remote teams incorporating global payroll, compliance, contracts, benefits, etc.

Mighty Tools – Design Tools and Plugins

I have built, launched, and maintained several projects, including plugins for Adobe XD and Figma that are used by hundreds of thousands of people. I have made most of the projects as a single maker. Some of the projects involve a small team and are funded by Adobe Inc.

H4 – Legal Contract Drafting and Collaboration

Part of the Product team in a startup specializing in legal contract drafting and workflow management. I was directly involved in the core product definition by doing user research, user validation, usability testing, problem defining, solution proposals, and implementation.

Knowlocker – Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

While working as part of a small remote team, I designed and scaled a B2B platform and mobile apps used by multiple world-class clients. I learned how to balance business goals and client requests.

Freelance – UX/UI Design, Web, iOS, Android apps

Freelancing helped me to become a more effective designer and allowed me to build my portfolio. I completed more than 100 projects for different clients, earning a 100% client satisfaction rate through over a 5-year period.

NOVP – Video Sharing and Collaboration

As UX/UI designer in a small team, we collaborated with a world-famous client to design a platform for managing, sharing, and collaborating on massive video files and several brochure websites.

Invideous – Video Monetization, Streaming and Data Capture

I was the in-house UX/UI designer for a startup and one of the first employees. I had the pleasure to work on every product positioning and participated in planning and decision-making. I also designed stand-alone plugins for paywall, donations, in-video advertisements, data capture, etc.

Seavus – R&D, Mobile OS and Social Networks

As an R&D for a large corporation, I had the opportunity to work on developing ideas, prototypes, and technologies related to emerging fields like social networks, smartphone operating systems, and touch-screen devices, which were just starting to become mainstream.

SDC Software – HR and Payroll Management

My first official corporate job was as a front-end developer on a human-resource management platform. I learned the basics of designing and coding user interfaces by working on real-life user experience problems.

Freelance – Web Design, Development and Publishing

As a self-taught independent contractor, offering my services in complete web design and development, I had the pleasure to work with several local brands and create their first online presence.

See my LinkedIn profile for more details.